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Once a geek, always a geek. Ever since I discovered programming and web development back when I lived in Australia I’ve loved it. I still do. Of course I create all my own websites and over the years I’ve created a number of websites for dancer clients and other people who knew that the dressmaker is also a programmer 🙂


Most came to me because at some point someone had built a website for them but had not given them access. Now the person had either disappeared entirely or was not prepared to update content or design.

For me it is important for you to have control over every aspect of your website, even if you’re not into technology.

If you want to get your website done I offer 2 options:

  • Done for you – I create your website and once done we connect via Skype and I show you around and explain everything so that you can make changes yourself from them on
  • I teach you how to create your own website – we build your website together, during several Skype sessions

If you’re wondering whether this is for you just contact me and let me know what you already have and what you’ve got in mind and we take it from there.

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I Need Your Help

I'm doing some research for a new coaching program I'm creating.

It is for creative entrepreneurs (designers, crafters, sewing professionals, artists, dancers, photographers etc.) who love the creative part of their business but find the "business side of things" - time management, marketing, dealing with clients, getting paid - way more stressful and exhausting than they expected.


Is that you?

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