If you’re a member of the Ingenious Sewing Professionals Network you know I’ve been talking about ways to help you create a sewing business that’s fun and pays the bills (and leaves you time to have a life) for a while.

Well, it’s time to stop talking and start bringing it to life. What’s “it”?

“It” is called “Sew in the Flow” – and it’s an 8 week Sewing Business Mentoring Program,

designed to help you have the insights you need to take your sewing business from struggle to flow, from heavy to light, from stress to fun, whether you’re early in your journey or have been around for a while.

It’s the first time I offer the program in this form and that’s why I’m looking for 5 lovely ladies (just 1 spot left) to go through a pilot run.

What’s a pilot run and why this might be a great opportunity for you?

A pilot program is the very first run of a program. It’s like letting a boat to water for the first time.


  • It’s limited to a small number of people, just 5, so you get the best possible support to make sure you get from the program everything you are hoping for and more
  • You’ll help shape the final version of the program. Your feedback is what helps me see what’s missing, what needs to be explained differently, what does or doesn’t make sense to you. Your questions may turn into future learning modules
  • You’ll get VIP support for a fraction of the regular price (Why is it not free? Because free pilot programs “frizzle out” and don’t get results. I’ve experienced it as a program leader and as a client on other people’s programs. If it’s not something you’d do anyway it’ll drop to the bottom of your to-do list and nobody wins)

Is it for you?

You’re a perfect fit for this pilot program if you


  • have your own sewing business (if you’re still in the planning stage this isn’t for you)
  • have one or several sticking points in your sewing business that prevent you from taking it to the next level (if you resonate with any of the challenges listed here this is for you)
  • have tried to solve your issues by yourself and are ready to get support
  • are prepared to be active and share your journey with the other participants (it’s going to be a small group so you’re not going to bare your soul to the world)
  • can make time to watch the video lessons and take part in live calls (1-2 hours / week) and are happy to provide feedback

The Offer

I’m going to offer 3 versions of the programs – self-study, mentoring group and VIP

For this pilot run you’ll get the VIP version of the program for the self-study price.

If you want your sewing business (and yourself) to be in a different space by Christmas this is the perfect opportunity to get 100% personal support from me for 8 weeks.

If you’ve had a conversation with me and found it helpful, imagine what can be moved and achieved if we work together closely, in a consistent and structured manner, for 8 weeks.

If you’re ready for your sewing business breakthrough I’d love to invite you to take a look at the

“Sew in the Flow” – 8 Week Sewing Business Mentoring Program

and if you think it is right for you enroll in one of the 5 spots on the pilot program.

When you enroll you’ll get instant access to

  • a list of my favourite books that are bound to help you on your journey,
  • an audio about the real source of stress that will help you look at the challenging situations in your life from an entirely new angle,
  • and a selection of videos from the archives of our facebook group for you to watch and download.

The “actual” program starts on October 23, 2017.

If you have any questions please read the section below. If it doesn’t answer your question just get in touch and ask.

Got Questions?

Feels expensive?

Whether something feels cheap or expensive depends on

  • the value you perceive it has for you
  • what you compare the price to
  • whether you can clearly see the return on investment you can expect

If you join the pilot run of the “Sew in the Flow” Sewing Business Mentoring Program you’ll get full personal VIP support for 8 weeks for a single payment of €179.

That’s €3.20 per day. What can you buy for that? A coffee? A sandwich? Or you can invest it towards your business.

If you’re not passionate about your business or everything runs absolutely smoothly and you’re in a calm, inspired space no investment in a mentoring program would make sense. But if you’re not quite where you want to be it’s a perfect opportunity to get, for the price of a coffee a day, the kind of support people normally pay thousands for.

A couple of years ago I spent US$1000 on an online course to learn copy writing. I can’t say I didn’t think twice. Where I live €1000/month is considered an average monthly salary. The thing is, I applied what I learned and earned over $1700 from an online course and sewing patterns promotion. That clearly turned it into an investment rather than a cost. And I now have a skill I can use to generate income any time I want.

How much do you make from a garment?

Let’s assume you make for example €100 per garment. Do you think what you’ll learn during the “Sew in the Flow” mentoring program will help you sell 1 garment a month more than you sell now? Do you think you could sell the same number of garments but charge more? Yes? No? Do your maths and decide for yourself.

Measurable return on investment isn’t everything

When I decided I wanted to be a coach I researched every coach training program under the sun. I ended up signing up for a 6 months program that cost $3000. But something was missing. It was basically an online program with no live elements. In the end I cancelled it and found what I was looking for in Jamie Smart’s Clarity Coach Training program. I didn’t care that it costs 3 times as much. The personal and business transformation the program has made possible for me is priceless.

The question for you is, “What does your sewing business mean to you?”

Will the program be held if more or less than 5 people enroll?

I want to guarantee maximum personal attention to the participants of the pilot run. That’s why I can only make 5 spots available.

If less than 5 people enroll the program will take place. If you enroll you’ll go through the program.

What if I can’t make the live calls?

I’ll do my best to find a time for the group calls that works for all participants, even if it means to split the group and hold 2 group calls.

If you miss a group call ..

All zoom calls will be recorded (if you haven’t used zoom.us .. it’s like skype only better and really easy to use, you’ll get detailed instructions) and the recordings will be available beyond the duration of the course.

Group call recordings will be available to all group members. Private call recordings will only be available to you.

Still got questions?

Please ask.

Secure your spot and get ready to "sew in the flow" (couldn't help myself 🙂 )

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