Are you

a creative entrepreneur – designer, sewing professional (like me :-), crafter, artist, photographer etc. – who loves the creative aspect of the work but finds “the business side of things” – time management, pricing & getting paid, dealing with difficult clients, marketing etc. way more stressful and exhausting than expected?

What if you

could take the feeling of flow that you know and love from your creative work into all aspects of your business?

We can help each other

I’m creating a new program to help creative entrepreneurs like you take the stress out of running your business. The thing is I want to make sure it will be super valuable and the best way to do that is to actually speak to the people I’d love to help.

Is that you? Let’s Talk.

Hi, I'm Anke Herrmann

Hi, I'm Anke Herrmann

Coach for Passionate Creative Women

Welcome to the south of Spain where I run my own sewing studio specializing in custom made flamenco dance costumes. I sew, I teach and I’m a business mentor and coach. I work with women who want to turn their creative passion into a flourishing business, feeling at peace and inspired rather than stressed and exhausted. Find out more ..

What I Offer

A 45 minute 1-on-1 coaching session with me – an opportunity for you to address your most pressing issue, to get a new perspective on what ever it is you want to improve in your business.

I’ll do my very best to help you gain new clarity and insights that help you move forward with your business.

In case you’re wondering – No, I’m not going to sell you anything.

What I Ask Of You

You’re not going to pay anything but you’ll need to invest 45 minutes of your time and be open to provide feedback.

If you find the session valuable I’d appreciate a testimonial.


How It Works

On the calendar below choose a date/time that works for you and schedule your appointment. On the day we meet using Skype (or Zoom if you prefer) to hold our session.

Schedule Your Free Coaching Session

.. Honestly, I felt relieved. I’d been so stressed out and anxious about starting my own business. But with Anke’s advice and experience, she made me remember that I only need to take one step at a time. I felt energized and motivated to get to work on my new business! (Read the rest here)


.. I am thrilled with all the “work” that Anke helped me with, yet not for one minute did our conversation feel like work or did I feel like I was overwhelmed. I 100% believe that Anke could help anyone with her thoughtful, intuitive and brilliant examples and conversation! (Read the rest here)


.. I came to you in a bout of confusion about what to do with my business and how to get it off the ground.  After our talk, I am realizing that it is not a skill set or money holding me back but my own mental blocks.  I am now focusing more on what makes me more creative, and not on all the minute details that are keeping me from being truly productive.

Thanks again!
(Read the rest here)

Curious but got questions?

If you’re interested but aren’t sure whether it’s valuable for you, or if you have any questions ..

Look forward to speaking to you!

"With Anke's coaching, I have seen my sales, operations and productivity improve on a daily basis. But most surprising of all is the change I have felt in myself. I don’t have time for sabotaging and worrying anymore, because I am busy running a thriving sewing business - my dream job!" (click here to read the full story)

Vanessa Hilton

Flamenco Dressmaker, Adelaide, Australia, Poppi Chartreuse – Fashion for Flamencas

Enjoying the mostly sunny weather in Lanjaron, Granada, Spain

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