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So What’s The Story?

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When you’ve read all the books, taken all the courses, work really hard – when you do all the right things but still, progress is slow and requires tremendous effort, it’s time to find out what’s really in your way.

  • When you’re too nice you’ll do everything for everybody and end up burnt out (yep, that was me)
  • When you’re worried about what people will think (or, worse, think you know) you’ll hold back, you’ll procrastinate, you’ll play small. How will that affect your business?
  • When you think charging money for your services makes you a bad person, how will that show up on your balance sheet?
  • When you feel you need to know what’s going to happen and control your world you’ll write detailed plans and long to do lists (and then feel guilty for not completing your tasks), you might even stay stuck in the planning phase.

If you can relate to any of those you’re not alone.

We all have blind spots, areas where how we understand the world isn’t helping us. My experience and claim is that “going there”, exploring and dissolving these blind spots, multiplies your chances of success.

It’s not about learning more stuff, it’s about asking the questions you’ve never even thought of.

Want a thought provoking question in your inbox every day?

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